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May 12, 2011

Excuse me project @ wall street area

Background: This project is about the ownership of public space and privacy. The idea is inspired by the experience of living in Queens and lower Manhattan. People in lower manhattan area always seems in a hurry. When I am walking on the sidewalk, people just keep on saying “excuse me” even there is a lot of room next to me. The way they said “excuse me” is like a command. They are the authority and I must give up my way to let them go.

Participation: I would like to invite all classmates to participate in this performance.

Execution: A “drama” about excuse me

We all disguised as strangers and don’t know each other in the wall street area. Some having lunch alone, or as a group. Some walking around that area.

Let say A run in to a group who are also walking on the street and say “excuse me”.
The group run after / follow A and say “excuse me”. A and the group are walking in a circle.
Then, they started to have a flight about “excuse me”. for example,
(1)point out there is a lot of space.
(2)Who own the space?
(3)Why a space can be owned by someone?
(4)We all come to this world and the natural resource should be shared. Who own the air? etc.

Meanwhile, the group around use mobile camera to record the event. Some start to just the flight.
The group will also response to people surrounded and questioning about the privacy. for example,
A and the group may say “It is a very privacy conversation, why you tape it?”
Someone : “If it is privacy, why you do it in the public?”
A:”So when you go to the public toilet, you expected that there is a camera looking at you.”

How to end:
stop by security
A take out a toy gun filled with water to declare the ownership of the space A is standing.

toy gun

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