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May 12, 2011

i [ ] u

My three year old niece is able to communicate her ideas and thoughts with the few words that she has acquired. when she finds that she is 'missing' a word, she substitutes it with a description to the best of her ability.

sometimes even when one has access to a much more extensive vocabulary, some words still come up 'missing'. in this instance we have a choice:

a. say nothing because you don't know how to say it,

b. use another word that you hope is close enough (running the risk that you have chosen incorrectly and thus distorted the entire meaning)

c. try to describe the missing word with a string of other words/references to other things (i.e. the game TABOO which i absolutely love!)

In my life experiences, I have noticed that words tend to go missing the most when it comes to emotions and saying how one feels at a particular point in time or to a particular person.

i [ ] u deals with the space where words are difficult to express how one feels about another person. who is the i? who is the u? and what is the feeling?

A. Initially I thought of the project as something that would be installed outside (as a sticker, stencil or wheatpaste image) for people to interact with and fill in the blank. In this way, the 'i' and the 'u' remain anonymous.

B. Then I thought of starting an i [ ] u day where people send text messages to someone to express their feelings. Neither the 'i' or 'u' are anonymous.

My fears are that the above two aren't personal enough...?

C. The most recent iteration of this project is as a series of postcards. Postcards would be made and pre-stamped (within the U.S.) and given to people to send to someone. The 'u' is identified but the 'i' could remain anonymous if the sender choses not to include a return address.

I have been doing a handmade postcard exchange with a friend of mine for the past six years and really enjoy the tactility of collage and experimenting with different papers and materials. I also do NOT want to interact with the public directly and so have to think of ways to get the work out there without being out there making the work! Everyone loves to get personal mail...I appreciate it as an old school way to share thoughts and feelings and also perhaps a 'safer' (or easier) space than talking directly to someone.


.27c stamps x 100= $27
Paper, lino pad (to cut a stamp for i [ ] u), pens, glue stick etc.= $23

I welcome your thoughts!

ruby amanze

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