CEC Artslink presents Publicly Creative: A Public Art Workshop. Public art is a fast-growing discipline with many unexplored opportunities for artists and communities. This workshop is a hands-on intensive introduction to the field, outlining resources, logistics, opportunities, and examples of successful collaborations. Recognizing artistic initiative as a valuable asset and a catalyst for a dialogue and transformation, we will explore how site-specific collaborations in varied cultural, geographic and political areas can influence business, social awareness and economic development. Encouraging close inspection of the particular issues faced by a specific New York community chosen by the participants, the workshop and the resulting public art work(s) will provide a unique platform for the participants and the public to explore and appropriate the city’s landscapes.

May 12, 2011


I never lived in lower Manhattan, I know it only as occasional visitor.
On Tuesday, walking towards the Wall Street, three moments stroke me:
- multiple Post-It notes stuck on lamp posts ("Looking for extra income?" )
- The African Burial Ground Memorial, that I have seen for the first time
- the Wall Street buildings, that I have seen for the first time. The NY Stock Exchange and buildings around it
reminded me of the eastern European totalitarian architecture (I grew up in former Yugoslavia)
And maybe because of the route of our walk, those buildings seemed directly connected to the African Burial Memorial.

The idea was to incorporate a project into Wall Street area
where permanent neighborhood community seems absent (workers who come and leave, tourists, visitors)
and which I have perceived through impressions rather than experience and research.

As a visual artist my working method is based on trial and error. Through correcting of shapes I'm searching for the right composition and proportions,
and since i've been doing it for years, I can control the process and the results can come relatively fast.
With this project I'm in a completely new territory and language, I miss the distance necessary for clear seeing.
But here is the idea and i feel very uncomfortable putting it out,
since it's raw and unprocessed:

- to make multiple Post It notes (50-100 or more) and stick them around the streets of the area
All notes are the same, with a simple visual symbol and web address written underneath it, zidny.com (pict-1)
- To create a website which, for those who picked the notes and bothered to check it, opens the door into the interpretation of visual symbols
(pict-2 and pict-3)

There is an explanation for bringing in Daniil Harms' poetry
but it would be better to see and read notes and website without any guidance.

Open for thoughts, questions, suggestions and criticism.

- post it stickers, $10
- rubber stamp $30
- web name registration $10

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