CEC Artslink presents Publicly Creative: A Public Art Workshop. Public art is a fast-growing discipline with many unexplored opportunities for artists and communities. This workshop is a hands-on intensive introduction to the field, outlining resources, logistics, opportunities, and examples of successful collaborations. Recognizing artistic initiative as a valuable asset and a catalyst for a dialogue and transformation, we will explore how site-specific collaborations in varied cultural, geographic and political areas can influence business, social awareness and economic development. Encouraging close inspection of the particular issues faced by a specific New York community chosen by the participants, the workshop and the resulting public art work(s) will provide a unique platform for the participants and the public to explore and appropriate the city’s landscapes.

May 24, 2011

Everywhere: Children's Drawings - The Day After

Later that day, around 6 pm, I decided to go into a scavenger hunt to find the drawings or their remnants. Not all walls (or 'public' spaces) are treated the same way. Walls of city buildings or newer residential buildings, had the least tolerance - no remnants at all. I pasted many on the tables and sitting areas of the park across the red cube sculpture - most of the drawings had been torn (or attempted to be torn). The in-between spaces, that seem without an owner, spaces that show signs of abandonment and other interventions (artistic or not), in those areas the drawings were untouched.

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